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9ct Yellow Gold 'I Love You' Diamond Wishbone Ring

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9ct Yellow Gold &

Masterfully handcrafted for eternity

our artfully crafted symbols of beauty and elegance come to life through a meticulous process that eschews geographical boundaries, emphasizing our commitment to universal craftsmanship excellence. From the initial casting of gold to the delicate work of our skilled artisans who shape, set the dazzling real diamonds, and apply the final polish, each piece undergoes a rigorous manufacturing journey. This ensures that every item from Diamant L'éternel not only meets but surpasses the loftiest expectations in design, materials, and craftsmanship. Prior to their release, each piece is subjected to thorough quality control, cementing our promise of unmatched beauty and durability.

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Ethically sourced real diamonds and gemstones

Natural wonders and pioneering technologies converge to unearth stunning, ethically sourced real diamonds. These gleaming treasures, matched in every aspect to their natural counterparts, are responsibly mined, ensuring their procurement and processing leave no adverse impact on communities or the environment.

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100% diamond, 100% responsibly sourced - Diamant L'éternel stands out

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we now offer 100% real diamonds that are sustainably and ethically sourced with excellent quality, without any adverse effects on nature or communities. Compared to traditional mining methods, our approach saves approximately 3887 liters of water and over 1000 tons of soil per carat, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Our sourcing ensures no child labor is involved, maintaining controlled and safe working conditions. Welcome to the future of diamond jewelry, welcome to Diamant L'éternel.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Diamant L'éternel jewelry made?

Our jewelry is meticulously crafted by seasoned master craftsmen who leverage their profound expertise in diamonds and jewelry design to uphold the highest quality standards. We prioritize the exceptional quality of our products and take pride in ensuring our jewelry is responsibly produced. By sourcing globally, we support sustainable practices and contribute to the preservation of skilled craftsmanship worldwide.

Are real diamonds and gemstones flawless?

Real diamonds, including those responsibly sourced, exhibit variations in color, clarity, and cut, making each one uniquely precious. Diamonds from Diamant L'éternel are independently evaluated and classified by gemological laboratories that also assess natural diamonds, adhering to the same rigorous standards. Our diamonds achieve the highest color grades (D-F, pure white) and are virtually free of visible inclusions (VS+).

How are diamonds ethically sourced?

Diamant L'éternel diamonds are obtained through responsible sourcing methods that prioritize environmental and ethical considerations. Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our sourcing strategy, ensuring that every diamond is a testament to our dedication to excellence and ethical practices.