100% diamond, Diamant Leternel makes the difference

By choosing our responsibly sourced real diamonds, we aim to mitigate these harmful effects associated with conventional diamond mining, while still offering the timeless luxury and beauty of genuine diamonds

Crafted for eternity

The timeless allure of ethically sourced real diamonds

The harmony of brilliance and responsibility

Leveraging cutting-edge practices, we ensure the ethical sourcing of 100% real diamonds, emphasizing quality without compromising on environmental or social integrity. Our commitment to sustainability means each diamond is sourced with a keen focus on minimizing environmental impact and ensuring the welfare of communities involved. This approach fosters a responsible legacy for the future of diamond jewelry, marking a new era with Diamant L'éternel.


Frequently asked Questions

What makes natural diamonds from Diamant L'éternel more sustainable than other sources?

Diamant L'éternel’s natural diamonds are sourced from mines that prioritize sustainable and responsible mining practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact compared to traditional mining methods. These practices include comprehensive land restoration projects, water conservation efforts, and strict adherence to ethical labor standards, ensuring the protection of local ecosystems, conservation of natural resources, and prevention of land and water pollution. Diamant L'éternel is committed to ensuring that the procurement of its natural diamonds does not disturb human or animal habitats and actively contributes to resolving social conflicts, setting a new standard for sustainability within the diamond mining industry.

How are diamonds made?

Natural diamonds are formed under the Earth's crust over billions of years through a remarkable natural process. This process begins deep within the planet, where extreme heat and pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallize, forming diamonds. These precious gems are then brought closer to the Earth's surface through volcanic eruptions, embedded within rock formations known as kimberlite pipes. This miraculous journey from the depths of the Earth to discovery makes each natural diamond a unique testament to nature's incredible power and beauty.

Are natural diamonds environmentally friendly

Yes, natural diamonds can be environmentally friendly when sourced from mines that adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards. The mining process for natural diamonds has evolved significantly, with a strong focus on reducing ecological impact, preserving ecosystems, and promoting biodiversity. Moreover, the industry is committed to improving the welfare and safety of workers, ensuring that the conditions under which natural diamonds are extracted are both ethical and sustainable. With certifications and ethical sourcing initiatives, consumers can choose natural diamonds that contribute positively to communities and the environment, making them a responsible choice.

What responsibilities do we have when choosing diamonds, considering both ethical concerns and environmental impact?

When it comes to selecting diamonds, opting for natural diamonds brings to the forefront a commitment to ethical standards and environmental care. Natural diamonds are sourced with a keen focus on minimizing environmental impact and ensuring the welfare and fair treatment of workers. These diamonds are extracted under stringent regulations that prioritize safety, ethical labor practices, and the avoidance of conflict-affected areas. This careful approach ensures that the choice of a natural diamond not only celebrates its inherent beauty and rarity but also contributes positively to the communities involved in their procurement and to environmental conservation efforts.

Considering the energy consumption, are natural diamonds a sustainable choice?

Natural diamonds, while requiring energy for extraction, embody a commitment to environmental and social sustainability that extends beyond simple energy metrics. The natural diamond industry has evolved to prioritize responsible mining practices that minimize environmental impact and ensure the conservation of ecosystems. Moreover, advancements in technology have led to more efficient extraction processes, reducing the overall energy footprint. The industry's dedication to ethical sourcing also supports local communities, ensuring fair labor practices and contributing to economic development. With a focus on sustainable energy sources and reclamation projects, natural diamonds reflect an enduring commitment to preserving the Earth's beauty for future generations.